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Why it matters to be at the top

The 1st organic listing receives nearly 30% of all clicks! Whether you’re a local, 1-location business, or a regional, state or nationwide business, we have SEO solutions to help your website rank higher, to receive more traffic to your website.
December 2018.

While a paid search campaign will bring you to the top of Google, Yahoo/Bing search engines, a good SEO campaign will keep you there long after you’ve paid for it. It’s like building equity in a house, versus renting an apartment.

When you begin building the roads into your website (authoritative links), the search engines feel more confident ranking you higher. We call this the ‘popularity contest’.

When your website has good UX Design, Accessibility standards and a sound SEO structure, you’re offering the ‘best answer to the question’, then your site will rank higher. We call this the ‘makeover’.