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E-mail Marketing

1-on-1 email marketing still works

Business to Business (B2B) Marketing

 For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you get MORE THAN $43 in return.

 26% of marketers cite email as the channel that makes THE BIGGEST impact on revenue.

 45% of B2B marketers say email is THE MOST EFFECTIVE digital marketing channel.

 We help you find your best customers; B2B or B2C

 We can design the email for you

We’ll deliver your unique message to these potential customers with an email campaign series for results

You can even use an exclusive email database of more than 12,000 business owners, newspaper subscribers, contest winners from the Watertown Daily Times*. They trust us, and that trust transfers to your business.

*The Watertown Daily Times has been covering the news of Northern NY for more than 150 years.