By Jody Frawley.

If televisions commercials have been a successful form of advertising for you, then you will LOVE being able to target your videos to your best online customers!

I was a Broadcasting Major in college, so I’ve always enjoyed using the power of visuals and audio to help business owners craft their unique message. Since starting in digital marketing 19 years ago, I’ve been thrilled to see the evolution of using video online, on tablets and on our smart phones. The digital age has brought the power of video to a whole new level!

Now, the challenge is to understand how ‘video impressions’ compare to television ‘rating points’, ‘cost per points’, ‘reach’ and ‘frequency’ schedules. I’m here to help you understand how to convert your TV schedule to a Targeted Online Video campaign.

Let’s start with some definitions:

A TV commercial rate is usually based on: CPP (cost per point) x audience rating

1 rating = 3500 households , or an estimated 7000 people

A low audience, Broadcast Channel Morning News show might have:

  • $40 CPP x .5 rating = $20/spot to reach an estimated 3500 people 1 time (1750 households)
  • So for 1 – $20 commercial, you may reach 3500 people 1 time (if they happen to be watching live, and not skipping through the commercials on a DVR’d show).

A higher audience, Broadcast Channel Morning News show might have:

  • $31 CPP x 6.5 rating = $200/spot to reach an estimated 45,500 people 1 time (22,750 households)
  • So for 1 – $200 commercial, you may reach 45,500 people – 1 time (if they don’t get up for snack during your commercial)

We know that 1 commercial will not bring you results. You really need to run at least 15-20 commercials per week in order for the viewers to see your message enough times to act upon it. This means that you’ll need to invest anywhere from $400 – $3000/week depending on how many people you want to be seeing your ads.

Using the example of the higher audience TV time slot. In the digital world, we would use a $20 CPM (cost per thousand) rate to help you reach a similar number of people.

  • $3000 divided by $20 CPM, would give you 150,000 video impressions.

Definition of an ‘impression’ : This means that a person was actively reading/viewing a page online or on their phone, and your video was on the page.

Tracking for video impressions ; with digital, we can report to you what % of your video was watched, whether they turned on the sound, re-played it, and how many watched it to completion.

So, with a digital marketing Video Campaign, you could receive 150,000 video impressions for $3000, instead of 15-20 commercials on television.

In addition, you’ll know:

  • how people are engaging with your commercials, and
  • you’ll also be able to Demographically/Behaviorally and Geographically target your videos to your ‘ideal customers’!

No waste!

We can even translate those 150,000 video impressions into a ‘reach and frequency’ schedule by placing a frequency cap per person on your schedule.

Example: Reach 50,000 people x 3 timeseach…or Reach 30,000 people x 5 times each, etc…

There are even programs where you only pay for ‘completed video views’.

So, I hope you’ll agree that targeted online video can be a stronger vehicle than television exposure, or at least a complement to your TV campaigns.

Let’s work together to make your video campaigns more efficient!